Did I mention I really don’t like Blackboard?


I’m not sure there is anything I can add.

Originally posted on Women Writers of the (Long) 18th Century:

After one too many frustrations with Blackboard, I think it’s time to give WordPress.com another whirl.

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One response to “Did I mention I really don’t like Blackboard?

  • James Schmidt

    I also despise Blackboard: cluttered, counter-intuitive, irredeemably ugly. It’s sole redeeming feature is that it has a certain retro sensibility: when you open it up, suddenly it’s 1995 again.

    This term I ran one of my courses on WordPress. There were some kinks, in part because it was being hosted on a domain at my university that was using a special configuration that they’d designed for department websites, which meant that it differed from the installations with which students would have been familiar. But WordPress on a bad day is preferable to Blackboard anyday.

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